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Oh look, Richard Dawkins attacked me on Twitter

How shall I ever recover from the classic schoolyard taunt “You don’t have any friends!”?

Ironically, at the time of writing I have picked up two Twitter followers. :D

Richard Dawkins is at it again. This time he posted an offensive video which showed a duet between a feminist and an Islamist, ending with the feminist telling the Islamist to rape her, because it doesn’t count if the rapist is a Muslim. The video claims to show that Feminists and Islamists are the same, but employs straw man tactics for this.


To make this worse, the image of the woman in the video is based on a real person, a woman who has been harassed by MRA’s for years after a video of her was posted online.

Lindy West tweeted at Dawkins and convinced him to take it down. Only then Dawkins followers, who tell him that the sun shines out from betwixt his buttocks, chimed in, telling him he shouldn’t have taken it down. Which led Dawkins to go on about how this woman deserved mockery, but not violence. Basically, Dogpile her all you want, but don’t actually get your hands dirty, mmkay?

This latest exchange has finally lead to Dawkins being disinvited to a Sceptics Con. Richard Dawkins is the Donald Trump of the Atheist movement.

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