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Welcome To The Bitchery

I think I may finally be developing the thick skin necessary to be a parent and handle all the smug and self-righteous championing of how other people would raise your kids. I can only laugh and roll my eyes at some of the responses to the mainpage article about babies being addicted to smartphones. Here are my favorites:

1) I will never do that when I'm a parent/my kid is [insert age].

Uh yeah, you probably will. At one point every parent gives up the idealized little dream version of what raising a child will be like and sees it for the shit covered, screaming, pile of reality it can be at times. Chances are really good your kid is gonna have a different idea about what works best for him/her. And chances are at some point you're going to be tired/stressed enough to just say fuck it.

2) I'm just following the recommendations set forth by the AAP. People give us such a hard time for saying it's terrible to let your child have any screen time at all.


lololololololololol. Look you are free to raise your special little snowflake anyway you choose but when you set forth your opinion in a way that is condescending and makes you out to be superior people aren't going to be nice to you about it. Seriously. Try saying "we don't do screen time in our household because that is what works for us." Let your little darling shine for themselves.

3) Kids in public! On iPads! When I was a kid we...

Since the beginning of time kids have been given distractions when they are at restaurants or out in public. Kids have really short attention spans. Whether it's toy or gameboy or coloring book and some crayons. Sometimes a parent needs to be in public with their kid and sometimes their kid is an asshole. So just deal with it. And stop with the assumption that this means the kid is never off the thing.


Pretty much what I'm trying to say is I think we'd all do better if we cut each other a little slack most of the time.

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