So this is on the mainpage this morning and I'm lying, it can stop right now:

For Privileged Married People, Sometimes It Doesn't Get Better

Maud Deitch for FX SPONSOREDPromoted by FX

As kids, we all assume that adulthood is going to be this fantastically exciting perpetual vacation. No school! No parents! But in reality, being an adult often sucks. FX's new comedy Married takes on the crappier side of settling down, resulting in many laughs and all the feels. »26 minutes ago


So you're white, privileged, married and your wacky high-jinks as it doesn't get better will hit us right in the feels!?*

You know, I'm white. I'm privileged. I'm married. Life is hard sometimes (generally not in a high-jinksy way). Life is easy enough most of the time. You know why? WHITE & PRIVILEGED & DEFAULT-PARTNERED. We don't need to worry about it "Getting Better" because WE'RE ALREADY THE FUCKING BASELINE. I'm reallly, reallllly, reallllllly annoyed.


*Again, please, stop. Because you're totes m'gotes not hitting your demog of young profesh'es the way your copy of Write Jezebel Blurbs kindle single promised. Sofa king ridonk, gurrrrl.