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This attempt to market to women is beyond stupid. Like, insultingly stupid.

Wow, the Windows tablet should be bought because it's perfect for wedding planning on Pinterest and for keeping your bridesmaids in line!


Here's a hint, Microsoft: instead of trying to market your products to women by pandering to them (quite badly, I might add), make your products so that they are useful and easy to operate for everybody. Apple managed to do a pretty good job of that without playing the "let's make it cute and pink — women love that shit!" game, so it's totally doable.

P.S. A 20" touchscreen is NOT easy to pass around — that sucker will be heavy and bulky as hell! I have a 13" tablet/laptop hybrid, and that thing is getting close to unwieldy as it is.

ETA: Slate's Future Tense writer, Lily Hay Newman, did a writeup of this and summed up why I think this ad is problematic better than I could:

They're funny, sure, but ads that misrepresent the relationship between technology and women aren't harmless. They perpetuate the idea that women are less equipped to interact with technology and imply that specific devices must be marketed to women to be appealing.

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