Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


So I'm sound asleep, and I wake up because my Boston Terrier is walking around and his collar is jingling. Usually he sleeps through the night. I think, uh-oh, maybe he's having a tummy issue and needs to go out, I don't want to ignore him if he needs to shit. So I get up, get dressed (this wakes up the Frenchie) bundle all three of us up and go out in the wind and snow. Do they need to poop? Hell no. They just want to play. It's cute, but I'm cold and I really would rather be asleep. Dudes, you couldn't wait until 7:30 for this? We'd gladly have taken you then. Now I'm awake.

Not that I can stay mad at them or anything....if they'll come cuddle with me it will totally be okay.


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