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Oh my glob, you guys, I am SO in love with my mom's new dog.

My mom had to put down her beloved German Shepherd in May, and she shocked my siblings and I by adopting a rescue dog a few weeks ago. I was in St.Louis this weekend, and I spent last night at my mom's house, so I got to meet the new dog. Her name is Annie, and she is awesome! I'm so proud of my mom for taking her in because Annie is 7 years old, and older dogs are statistically less likely to be adopted. Moreover, Annie's former owners seem like real pieces of work; apparently they have since moved to Florida, but when they realized they couldn't take the dog with them, they took her to a vet to be euthanized (seriously). Fortunately, the vet refused to put Annie down because she's still healthy if a bit gray in the muzzle. From there, the dog found her way to a rescue group and to my mom's house. I know my mom will take really good care of her — in fact, she already is because the dog had to go on a diet, and she's lost 8 pounds in less than a month. I had a really hard time not stealing the dog when I left earlier today, but I didn't want to rob my mom of her new companion.

ETA: I forgot to mention that Annie's paws are ginormous. Like, I think they're roughly the size of my fist. She's a German Shepherd mix, and I suspect the other half is part wolf. :p


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