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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Oh my glob, you guys, my girlfriend and I each

got some good news this evening.

First, the big one — so, long story short, earlier this year, my girlfriend got fast-tracked to acceptance into Oregon State University's grad school, but in the end, her would-be advisor couldn't secure funding for her, and she was effectively wait-listed. Well, tonight, she randomly got an email from a new professor there who wanted to know if she was still interested in the school and if she would want to work with him. She said yes to both questions, and after she turns in some programming samples to him, he's going to look into getting TA funding for her.


I'm so happy for her. After she was accepted, she was flown out to Oregon for an all-expenses paid trip to tour the school and check out the area. She couldn't stop talking about OSU, and she was SO disappointed when she found out about the original funding situation. She definitely wasn't expecting to hear from anyone there, so I really hope things actually work out this time.

As for my good news, I finally got my September work schedule, and after languishing at about 10-12 hours a week since the beginning of August, I'm being bumped up to ~30 hours a week for all of September. Hello, ca$h moneyz.

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