I haven't had one in a while, I thought they stopped. Fuck, you guys.

It felt so long, and it was a dream within a dream at first. The dream within my dream was typical night terror horrifying horror movie-esque shit. And in THAT I was trying to reach out to my ex and my mom to wake me up but neither did. Eventually I woke up from the dream within a dream, and that dream was so weird and scary.

Everyone was there. My ex, New Boy, several close guy friends, and my old best guy friend from high school. We were all hanging out in...some neighborhood. I don't know it in real life but I've seen it in nightmares before. It looks old. Lots of stone streets and walls, old looking fountains. My ex told me he missed me, then I left for a minute, then I came back and I got into a fight with him over...a girl he was texting (ridiculous, right?). He was telling her how much he hated me, and how fat and ugly I was, and she was saying the same thing. New Boy took ex's phone and starting ripping into this girl and my ex. This is all ridiculous, I know.

Then I tried to corner my ex, and here's where it gets creepy. He threw his phone, got on his bike and tried to escape, but I chased him for blocks. I eventually caught him and pulled him off the bike and held him against one of the stone pillars and was screaming at him "how could you do this to me, I thought you loved me." And his eyes...holy shit. They looked like black glass with broken pieces missing. It was absolutely terrifying. Just empty orbs of shiny, broken black glass. And he was laughing at me. I know I was flailing and screaming in real life, I KNOW. And I wanted to wake up, cuz I knew I was dreaming (I always know I'm dreaming) and...I couldn't. I couldn't wake myself up. I can ALWAYS wake myself up.

I woke up about 15 minutes ago hysterically crying, mid-scream. As per usual with my night terrors, hallucinations followed. They lasted long this time, for about 10 minutes. They usually go away after about a minute, but for 10 minutes I was seeing things moving and shapes of people.


I came out to the living room to have a cigarette. I'm so jittery and freaked out. These things are getting worse, they're fucking getting worse. They were supposed to GO AWAY when I grew up.