Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Most of you guys know this is something that I was stressing out about pretty hard, as I've had a really tough time finding a place in Dallas that works with students on financial aid, and I've got credit issues. Add to that the extra pressure I was feeling after having to stay with friends and my parents for six months after my life fell apart at the seams last fall. BUT...the perfect place appeared!

It's in a nice area without being mind blowingly expensive. They take my financial aid funds as proof of income. It's 10 min from downtown. It's pet friendly (catface is rejoicing right now). They have tons of residents who have lived there for YEARS. There's on site security and it's gated. I'll only have a 5 min drive to school and 15 min to work. WHOLE FOODS IS BASICALLY ACROSS THE STREET. (Dangerous.) I got approved in less than a day, AND my apartment (oh god, it feels so good just typing those words) has the cutest private balcony in the entire complex.


Take that, worst year of my life. I got good grades. I got a good job. Now, I have my own place by myself again. On May 7th, I'll officially be in my own home.

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