Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Nyquil isn't working! It's acting as a stimulant! I spent an hour powering down, turned off media, read book til sleepy, lay quietly, etc, and NO DICE. HAAAAAAALP!

Not really, but I'm sunk with the second of two brutal colds that have swept through LA between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was over at a friend's on Saturday night and my nose starts running and like an idiot, I go, "oh, my allergy pill wore off early. NBD." I don't get to bed until one.

Sunday, I feel like ass and I'm in bed all day.

Monday, I feel like ass but I go to work because my boss is back from his vacation and I want to catch him up.

Today, I feel like ass and go in and within an hour someone goes, "Why are you here?" (the implication being that I look like crap) and the sentiment is repeated until I call it at noon and go home. Crawl in bed. Feel like ass. Drink broth Mr. PKB made me. Continue to hydrate. Try to sleep. Fail to sleep. Repeat ad nauseam.

Now I am Netflixing "While You Were Sleeping" and feeling asleep while I can't fucking sleep and I'm dyyyyyyyingggggg. What happened to Southern California this year? Is it the drought? Is it the hordes of unvaccinated Santa Monica children? Is it retribution from the Lord for our sins?

Halp. Plz.

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