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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My boyfriend and I are super indecisive people, but I think he is more so than I am. Over the past few days, he's been asking me our plans for the weekend (we only get to hang out/see each other on weekends, and it's my turn to figure out this weekend's plans). I finally came up with the idea to just do something in our nearby city on Saturday, or he could come with me to my town's fall festival on Sunday. He texted me back saying "Ok sure," so I replied, "Sure to which one (idea)?" He responded with "Whatever you wanna do." I responded with "Laaame" because, UHHH, that didn't answer my question! And THEN he responds by telling me that on Sunday, he has to do something at home and then he's supposed to get dinner with his mom.


*FACEPALM* Is he forrill rills? He obviously has some sort of plans for Sunday, so that ruled that festival thing out. So why did he tell me that we could do whichever one I wanted to do...WHEN THE THING ON SUNDAY WASN'T EVEN POSSIBLE FOR HIM?! GAH.

My boyfriend is not stupid, just an FYI. He's a freaking engineer, for shitssake! He has more common sense than me, but he lacks decision making and communication skills, that's for sure.

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