I'm rewatching Game of Thrones before the April premiere and while I remember them being dumb as boxes of hair, watching it over again just makes me want to smack some sense into them.

NED. SERIOUSLY. Telling the Queen you know she's been boning her bro BEFORE telling the King? What's the Queen gonna do? Tell him herself? What is wrong with you?

CATELYN. SERIOUSLY. You let Jaime go??? He was literally your only bargaining chip with the Lannisters and you let him go on the hopes that the Lannisters (OF ALL FAMILIES) will give back your daughters in return?

ROBB. SERIOUSLY. You know that Walder Frey is not gonna be happy when he finds out you've gone against your word and married some other chick. So what do you do? You roll up to his daughter's wedding with your pregnant wife in tow. Did you think you'd be forgiven so easily? What did you think was gonna happen?

I know all of this has probably already been said but just...Starks?