My mom even thinks so and she's the first one to tell me I'm imagining shit.

She addressed it today after seeing me wince when I lit a cigarette.

Mom: What's the matter?

Me: The pads of my fingers feel weird.

Mom: Weird how? You mean the tips?

Me: Yeah. They're like...tingly and hurt. Kind of a combination of pins and needles and if I burned them.

Mom: All of your fingers? Both hands?

Me: Yeah both hands, and the thumbs and pointers, but the other ones on and off. Except for the pinkies.

Mom: How long have you had this?

Me: *Shrug. A few days, maybe. Why?

Mom: That sounds like carpal tunnel. I'll bring you to a specialist at the hospital next week.

This is fantastic. Awesome. Really. Apparently surgery is the main course of action for this? Great. I'm going to have fucking wrist surgery. I'M A FUCKING JOURNALISM MAJOR. I need my hands to work!! I can't not type.

I'm going to cry. Someone bring me ice cream.