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I am so excited! Thank you so much for granting me these powers of authorship. I promise I will use them for good!

About two months ago, I moved to a new city for job opportunities. However, nothing has happened yet. I have sent out a billion applications and have gotten a handful of responses in return. I had one interview last week for kind of my dream job that I felt went pretty well. But last Friday they let me know I didn't get it. (Why on Earth would they tell me on a Friday? Because they have all the power.)


I currently am waiting for a phone interview (by which I mean obsessively checking my email) to be scheduled for another job that I really really really want.

Meanwhile, I am trying to make myself more appealing as a candidate. I am a copywriter by trade but I am wondering if I should start a blog to give myself more experience/build a portfolio/showcase my ability to pen humorous anecdotes. The problem is I am kind of in a "what is the point of anything" frame of mind and feel like no one would care about my precious words.


Does anyone have any advice? I know there are a lot of writers here who are a potential font of knowledge. I also think I would enjoy blogging, I have a topic in mind and have started structuring articles.

Thanks Citizens of Groupthink! And thank you again for giving me posting privileges.

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