I work in a staffing company owned and run by women. Once, a male job seeker who lives hundreds of miles away applied for a job, and we sent him our standard automated message explaining that we cannot consider applicants who live so far out of our service range, but to please notify us if he moves into our region. When this enraged him, the company's owner took time to write him a kind email explaining that, unfortunately, every hiring decision is ultimately made by our clients, which means we have to bow to their requirements about location, skills, etc.

Here is his response (which he's sending to us over a year later, btw):

Your response is classic. Women who are afraid to take risks, and who want to run a business bureaucratically instead of creatively. If all men were this way, we would never have had Edison Electric, Ford Motors, Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, Weyerhauser or Apple Computer. Good Grief! I am sending your response to radio shock jocks, such as Dorey Monson and Ron/Don of KIRO. You need to have a bulls eye on your back for a change.

Oh no! Not the shock jocks!