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OH NO THEY DIDN'T (Oh yes, they did)

As one tends to do, I stopped at CVS on my way home from the gym for wine just now. Nominal excuse: I was out of hair ties. Compelling excuse: I was out of wine. LOOK WHAT I FOUND LURKING IN THE WINE AISLE.

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The text at the bottom reads:

Red Satin

You. Are. MINE.

I feel gross just reading it. I like how it's tucked between Sledghammer (what I'd like to take to that book) and Gnarly Head (which for Anna is probably something shocking like swallowing).


I get fan-service in the form of tasty beverages. I do. I've never had ASOIAF beverages, but that's sheer laziness on my part to go find them. But this seems ridiculous on a level I can't quite articulate. Aren't all the people who (allegedly) read these books the type of people who wouldn't be caught dead buying something with the Fifty Shades branding? Or are we supposed to giggle amusedly and buy it to show that we don't care what people see us putting in our cart?

Also, who pays $14.39 for a red blend, which I'm assuming this was. Word of mouth better get around that it's tasty, because while I love trying new wine, I'm thrifty about it and avoid unknowns over $12. Obviously, YMMV. Curious, what's your mileage on this?


UGH. I snapped the pic, grabbed my Iconoclast cab, and booked it.

Yes, that's me in the lime green. :D

Share your thoughts and nuanced analysis in the comments. I'll be back after I eat some food.

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