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Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm watching the post-season 5 interviews for Teen Mom 2 (yes, I know it's a terrible show. I need brain junk food right now) and Dr Drew is talking to Leah, who, in case you don't recall or don't watch the show, had twins and is now married to her second husband and has another baby. In this season, there was some friction in between her and her husband, to the point where he told her he wanted a divorce. Mind you, I didn't watch 90% of this new season, so there's that. BUT Leah was just explaining to Dr Drew how hard it was that her husband was away for work for five weeks, that he had barely communicated with her while he was gone, and then Dr Drew dropped the proverbial deuce.

Here's what he said first: "he's a career man, and you're trying to get him to stop that."

Then, and even worse, he says, "it still feels like you don't quite see how a young man like Jeremy sees his work, like how important it is to him."


NO DR DREW, YOU MUST BE RIGHT THAT IT'S ALL HER FAULT FOR EXPECTING COMMUNICATION. Also, as you know, stay at home moms of three kids, including a child with a disability, have it so fucking easy, amirite Drew? God, what a bitch, trying to hinder her husband's ability to roam free.

Thanks for letting me rant. His blaming of Leah for her husband's bad behavior made my head want to explode.

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