Our wine fridge finally gave up the ghost. We opened the door and there was no cold air at all! I had been hearing weird ticks, but since we're such bad lushes we failed to open the fridge to check things out, cuz we keep forgetting to drink what we have. When we finally checked the thing we noticed the big round thing in the back was really hot and making clicking noises. We promptly unplugged the thing, cuz fire?

So now we're trying to decide whether or not we should fix it or try to save up and replace it. The struggle is real! Especially since the wine fridge doubles as a counter to place our oversized toaster oven on. Which is helpful because our kitchen is the size of a postage stamp.

So should we save up and get a fancy new one or just call the repair man and see if we can get a few more years out of it,it's already 10 years old and we inherited it from my brother in law... so we have kind of already gotten our money's worth out of it, right? :)


I chose some gifs that represented how things went down (in no particular order) in the chatchien household today. We may suck at remembering to drink our booze but we've been spoiled at having our nice white wines and beer cold whenever we remembered to drink them!