1. I joined OKCupid yesterday, because peer pressure. So I'm browsing my matches tonight and picture #2 is this guy I grew up with. He was always the weird kid, very anti-social and awkward, but we liked the same stuff. We were always in the smart classes together, but never in a million-kajillion years would I ever consider dating him. It would have to be after the zombie apocalypse and the continuation of the species depended on us. I always thought he was mildly autistic, before it was so widely diagnosed.

We are a 93% match. OKC, I think your robot is broken.

This may be the actual reason that I graduated high school and proceeded to live 3000 miles away from here.


I imagine OKC is just sitting there, looking at me like:


OKC, I see what you're doing. And I don't like it. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I'd rather get with all the nubile, Ayn Rand-loving young seaman at the naval base (which you keep throwing at me) than anyone I went to high school with. Comprende?

I'm starting to think GTs peer pressure has steered me wrong.....But not really because y'all are swell. But still. I get it now.


I get it.