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Oh noooooo

I asked my fiance to please set some boundaries with his mother because 2 weeks ago, she emailed us 9 times in 12 hours, including resending one email less than an hour after initially sent because we didn't answer a question in it. Yesterday, we got 6 calls in a half hour because we were both busy and didn't pick up. I told him that I had gone to therapy to learn how to set boundaries with my own mother because she used to do things like that and I can't take the transfer of anxiety it causes. He said OK and that he would call her on the way back from the oharmacy ... he came in from the pharmacy, still on the phone, dropped the bags and turned around and walked out. Ie he doesn't want me to overhear the conversation in our condo? Maybe? I am freaking out that I this going poorly because knowing his mom, she pressed to find out why he is suddenly trying to set boundaries when she has been doing this for years... ahhhhhh!

Eta - update - his mom wasn't home! He was just chatting with his dad and brother! But his brother commented that their mom is going crazy about the issue she keeps harassing us about.


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