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Oh, OkCupid (misadventures in idiot land)

Why do I still even use you.
(This conversation was entertaining, but still.)

Little bit of background: I say on my profile to tell me what your favorite fruit is if you read my whole profile. For some reason, guys often think that that means I want to talk about fruit and that’s all they need to bring up in messages... even though I also say on my profile that you should be interesting and give me something to work with if you want a response.
I once legit had a guy just respond “Strawberries ;)“ like okay? I’m not responding to a one word message. Thanks for reading though.

Anyway. This was... fun? Illuminating? Amusing?
My “good luck” was sarcastic both times, but I doubt he’s smart enough to catch that I’m pretty sure he is going to get 0 relationships and probably 0 sexing out of his OkCupiding.


(Edited to resize images since facw is awesome and told me how to keep Kinja from shrinking them.)

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