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I was at the supermarket on my way to work to grab munchies and looked through the magazine aisle looking for something sufficiently nerdy to read. Sadly I did not find anything to my taste as it seems 2/3 of the shelf was devoted to magazines about either guns/hunting/tactics or some variation therein. I actually think there were more mags about those topics than the magazines aimed at women you expect to see in supermarket magazine rack. I mean, this isn't Barnes and Noble and their shelf space they set aside for this stuff is limited so the selection tends to not be that wide. But aside from the usual suspects i.e. Cosmo, Glamour, etc. there are all the various hair magazines as well as mags about various crafting ie knitting crochet, etc. Even with all those taken into consideration the guns variety was still greater. And the only tech mag I could find was some bro-ey looking pc mag called Maximum PC. One of the quirks of living here I suppose. I might just start using my IPhone magazine app more.


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