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Oh Republicans, you suck (reason eleventy billion and one)

Here is a little rage inducing article from a New York Times blog about the Republicans acting all eager and helpful but actually being true and total shitheads.

Quelle surprise.


Example from the article:

"Workplace flexibility. The president called for better maternity and paternity leave policies, and an end to restrictions on personal time that he said belonged in a "Mad Men" episode. The Republican response is that businesses should be able to choose whether to give overtime or compensatory time to hourly employees. The House bill, passed in May, would remove the worker protection in place since 1938 that requires extra pay for overtime work. Employees would be able to request comp time, but employers wouldn't have to give them time off when requested, and wouldn't have to pay them for comp time that wasn't used. The bill's real intention is to give more power to employers and less to workers."


The previous blog post describes what they call the"equality as a handout argument", in case you need a bit more fuel for your rage fest.

I can't believe these assholes manage to get voted in time and again:/

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