This incredibly simple observation brought to you by the fact that I'm getting married this winter... and have no idea what to wear besides my wedding dress. This post brought to you by the shopping list article on the main page...

Crowd-sourcing my wedding attire - Go-go gadget groupthink!

I mean, this is nice, but it's just the first result that comes up when I search "wedding coat" and I'm sure it costs eleventy bagillion dollars.

SO... have you gotten married in the off season? how did you keep warm? Do you know about fashion and/or wedding things? Because I don't! What do I want to look out for? Completely avoid?


My dress is mermaid cut, but not a super flare-y mermaid, and it's got a haltertop neckline. I feel this is important because a lot of shawls/wraps/boleros that I've found have a very open neckline, and I feel like that will look funny with my dress...