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Oh shit, I need to teach you some life skills

My son is turning 16 this week. While I feel like I’ve set him up with a good number of life skills, there’s a special kind of panic that sets in when you realize you only have two more years where your kid is a captive audience.

One thing I need to catch up on: Cooking. Like, all of it. Making a plan for a meal (or more), shopping without going broke, putting away groceries properly, following a new recipe without an adult nearby to correct you, finding new recipes, storing leftovers AAAAAAAHH!


He knows the basics of cooking, but the rest of it is something of a mystery to him since I am the Magic Grocery Fairy. He also only knows how to do recipes that he was taught to do by someone else, and hasn’t quite picked up on the art of following a completely new recipe. Oh, and shopping for a recipe? HA!

So, after Spring Break, I’m looping him in on the whole meal planning thing. He was excited at first, declaring that every night would be hot dogs, but I brought him back down to earth by telling him that he’d be picking two nights, but Mr. Cunning and I would be picking the rest.

TBH, my main goal is to have a child go out in the world who knows how to do more than open a can of ravioli. His dad was not well-equipped in that respect when we moved in together (his parents loved cooking, but weren’t as keen on teaching) and it was tough being the only person who could / would cook.

So, wish me luck, GT? Also, is there anything you wish you’d been taught WRT cooking before heading out into the world?

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