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OH SNAP! Shots Fired! At the Patriarchy...


These ladies are awesome. Things go from innocent, playful fun to calling out sexism really quickly. I love it.

Unfortunately, I found this gif set on tumblr with no source link, so I don't know who they are. I just figured some of you might enjoy it!


ETA: anchor_down has kindly informed me who these kickass ladies are! We have Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Daily Grace! The three of them also apparently made a movie, which Gemmabeta encourages us to go see! http://camptakota.com/ The lovely and brilliant There Was a Star Danced has traced this footage back to that film. If the rest of the movie is like this, it sounds like it's worth watching!

ETA 2: Looks like Daily Grace's sponsors ended up being complete douchecanoes, throwing her off her own channel and keeping all the money. Her new YouTube channel is It's Grace.

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