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Has anyone ever had to deal with a steady stream of micro aggression at work?

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I’m a few months in and one of the higher ups is engaging with me more but is also saying what I think are kind of slightly racist/shitty things. Some examples:

Telling me that he thought one of our customers might be black because his name was “Jah Mon” which is like something Bob Marley says

Asking me if I like fried chicken out of the blue

Telling me that old tired lame joke that he knows someone that knows someone that named their kids Lemonjello and Orangejello


Telling me a story about how when he moved to the south and had to pay more money to live in a neighborhood with less “22" rims”

and finally today, a 10 minute rant about how we as office people are smarter/better than working class people and would do well to remind them of it


HOW. HOW do I deal with this man. For reference I am a WOC, who has a real bad habit of wearing my emotions all over my face.

Tips? I am definitely going to limit our interactions but are there any tips/tricks that anyone has learned for how to politely say “shut the fuck up”?

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