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Oh, the Anita Sarkeesian article. Anyone for Bingo?

I don't know why I read through the comments once I realized it was a shared article. Sarkeesian attracts a lot of hate in general, and Kotaku commenters are not known for reasonable discourse in the best of situations, and the two together seem to have created a mighty shit sandwich. Some of the comments further down aren't actually pretty good, but the top ones? Egad, we're on our way to a Bingo (er, Misgo) here!

"Why doesn't she just fix it herself? I don't see her making any non-sexist videogames." -Too many comments to list


Hmm, maybe because she doesn't have the skills/desire/money to make her own video games? Maybe because even if she did, one video game doesn't fix the entire industry and it's more effective to try to get the major companies to change their ways than to provide one alternative that may or may not even get attention?

"This isn't a REAL problem. Also, something about censorship." -This guy

Dude, when we put sexism into our entertainment it reinforces it in real life. Problems like this make "SERIOUS sexism issues" like the ones you're referencing worse by creating a culture in which women are inferior/helpless. Also, you don't understand the concept of freedom of speech.

"But no one cares when men get killed in video games! This just shows that we value women more!" -Again, there are too many choices


Actually, that's what she's talking about. The patriarchy hurts men and women both—women can only be weak and must be helped, and men can only be strong and can't be helped. (To be fair, a lot of people are responding and making this point. And then being completely misunderstood by people who are pretty sure feminism involves making swastikas out of our labia.)

"But I like boobs. Why is objectification bad?" -Same idea, worse wording


This gentleman may be a lost cause already.

"Evolution!" -Someone who doesn't get evolution


Stop now. Just stop.

"Women are already our equal, the majority of feminist are not looking for equality, they are looking for dominance. if you think it about, these radical feminist are really just a bunch of domestic terrorist" -"That guy"


(That last one was an actual quote, by the way.)

Anyone else find any gems? Respond to them here so that you don't feed them in real life. And then cry.

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