Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Oh the exquisite pain...

At the recommendation of some other Jezzies, I got an epilator. OMG y'all...it is like being stabbed by 1,000 needles. I have made the poor choice of doing one arm and part of one leg, so I have to finish or I'll be lopsided.

I'm so excited to be done and have nice smooth limbs (yay shorts weather!), but I think I need some extra motivation.


UPDATE: Both forearms done! Hurt like a motherfucker around the wrists, rest was not bad. They're a little red, but that should go away. 1 1/2 lower legs done; time for a brownie break.

UPDATE 2: Done with today's attempts! Was pleasantly surprised to find out that the region I was most fearing—the inner thigh—was the least painful and also very effective! The lower legs were a struggle; didn't quite get all the hairs but will try again tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the advice!

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