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Oh, the humanities!

Dear GT, please make my life decisions for me.

So this is going to be partly me thinking aloud (or... a-type) and partly a request for advice or recommendations.


Part 1: Drama

Over the last ten weeks, I've been attending a drama evening class. Before signed up, I checked with the organisers that it would be suitable for absolute beginners who are not serious actors. I showed up for the first week and everyone had done stage or film work or, at the least, had an extensive background in am-dram. I, on the other hand, had a minor role in a school play ten years ago.

I've really enjoyed the course and at first I felt really good about it. A few times I was told I'd "nailed it". But over the past few weeks, I've started to feel like maybe I shouldn't be there. Part of my reason for going was to be more confident and to talk to new people. I'm not sure if I'm truly out of my depth and, worse, dragging the others down or if it's just the doubt creeping back in. And even if it is the latter, is there any point in going if it makes me feel worse about myself?

There aren't any other evening classes in my area. If I sign up, it's for another ten weeks. I mean, nobody would MAKE me go but it's a lot of money to throw away and I don't like to drop things once I've started.


Part 2: Studying

I've been studying a first year Humanities distance learning course in my spare time. The first year is pretty broad-based, giving you a little go at everything. So far, the area I've done best in is Art History which, unfortunately, I have little to no interest in.


I like Classical Studies, but I'm wary that it has limited applicability outside academia and I'm not sure I want to learn Latin or Greek as part of my university course.

I like Literature - as will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen my previous posts - but the Literature assignment I submitted wasn't up to my usual standard. And I'm not sure of myself with poetry.


I'm quite tempted by Creative Writing, but I feel like I would regret not studying something more concrete. I can take evening courses in Creative Writing or I can just get stuck in. Also, what if I signed up and then discovered I have nothing to write about?

Would anyone like to pitch their discipline (preferably one of the above) to me? I assumed I would know by this point in my broad-based course, but if anything I feel more torn than ever.

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