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I was listening to a nationally syndicated morning talk show on my way in to work. (I had to turn it away from NPR because I can't stand Eleanor Beardsley's voice. She is clearly a great reporter, but, well I'm shallow and her voice makes me feel ill.) Anyway, they have a topic, and people call in with stories. Today's topic was bad dates. And there was a string of women calling in, talking about guys who had asked them out, taken them to Burger King or somewhere even less exciting, and then demanded sex. And there was a general consensus that these women were worth more than that. And that they don't owe these guys anything, no matter what, but that the expectation that she'll sleep with him after a getting a paper crown and fries is beyond insulting, and where do men get the idea that this is ok?

And then they stopped for commercials and music.

And the first song to play was "Stay with Me."


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