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Oh this week!

It's been a fun week.

I have a sinus infection, which is not going away. I've been struggling with these for a few years now, and once I get them, I get them for a few weeks. I used to take antibiotics for them, but they stopped working and went as far as making them worse! I can't take anything for them except probiotics and stuff for the symptoms. Probiotics have helped a lot, but I just can't get them to get it gone.

I have been having dry eyes. I went to the eye doctor for my eye exam and he gave me a Rx for some eye drops. They were $50 on my insurance. I was tempted not to get them, but I said fuck it and got them. They not only did not make my eyes better—they made them worse, gave me what seemed to be an allergic reaction. I had what looked like hives on my face in the corner of my eyes, and a few days later it has spread to my face. It's not hugely noticeable but it's red and itchy.


Fun heartburn for the past few days.

I worked my favorite (ugh) station, salad bar today. I went to pour the HOT asparagus pea soup in the soup pot. Missed it, poured it all over the floor and partially on my shoe and leg. Exorcist jokes ensued.


Tomorrow is my day off and I get to get up at 5:30am for probably about 3 hours of meetings.


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