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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Oh, trolls.

I wish we weren't engaging this Turqo dude on the "fetal pain" (sigh) article, but his trollishness was slightly obscured by the fact that he claimed to be pro-choice. (Also I say "we" because I totally responded.) Can't we just have one article where we can all collectively go UGHHHH without worrying about trolls?

No? I know, the answer is no. I just wish every article about abortion didn't involve people who want to yell about the morality of abortion, which is obviously not the conversation we're having. The complexities are so much more important to discuss. Alas. I'm starting to think that the screaming moralization that happens over abortion is just a ploy devised by rich Republicans to trap us all in a battle of angry yelling so that we never progress to step 2 where we talk about how to fund adequate social programs.


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