Well. Tonight happened.

I went out to the West Village for my good friend's birthday. I got in a total of 4 (almost) fights tonight.

First - met a boy. He was really cute and really drunk. We danced, he kissed my neck, 'twas nice. Then he grabbed my boob. I shoved him off of me and told his friend to keep his boy in line. I went outside the bar for a cigarette to calm down which leads to...

Second - another attractive boy starts hitting on me. Tells me "I'm the most beautiful girl he's seen in a while." Puts his arm around me and then grabs my ass. I'm already pissed at this point so I shove him away and punch him in the chest, tell his friend the next time he lays a hand on me will be the last time he has hands.

I called new boy who was furious at the situation. Offered to come meet me in the city. I was on the brink of tears at this point. Eventually find good friend who's so drunk she can't stand which leads to 3 & 4 -

Two yellow cabs refused to drive us to Brooklyn cuz my friend was drunk. It's after 1am at this point. I offered to pay them double to take us home. They both close their windows on me, so I drunkenly proceed to curse them out.


I eventually catch a cab home to South Brooklyn. We were originally going to take the train but I wanted to make sure my friend got home ok, so I paid for the taxi.

I now have no money in my pocket or in the bank. I got molested twice tonight. I feel disgusting and dirty. Also, I was covered head to toe in my outfit. I...can't.

Happy Friday.