Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You know that historic march that just happened that so clearly rattled Trumplethinskin? Here’s David Brooks to tell women that it wasn’t effective, it “focused on the wrong issues”, we shouldn’t play identity politics, we’re too progressive, and we’re alienating Niles, Michigan. Or we would be if we weren’t so in our “liberal bubbles” that the women in Niles haven’t even heard of the marches. Because clearly it’s the people marching in the streets who are in a bubble there.

Oh. Also, he totally ignores the fact that everyone and their mother who paid any attention at all to the Women’s March is very aware that it can’t stop at a march and we need to continue doing things, engaging, and resisting. He’s here to tell us that a march doesn’t make a movement.


But don’t worry. He’s here to tell us what the real threat is.

Not that it’s a surprise to get mansplaining from David Brooks, but screw him.


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