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Oh ye nut, bane of my existence!

For my housemate to wake up to get the okay to wreck her bed. Well it’s the guest bed and she kind of hates it. Her parents are coming over today to pick it up. I’ve got the whole thing apart save for 1 goddamn nut! I can’t get it to twist because the edges have become rounded.

What do I doooo. I read some ideas so far :
- weld another nut on it and twist that one (I have no welding machine or welding experience so I’ll have to buy or rent one and then do that)


- just saw the thing off (but it’s kind of sunken into the frame and I don’t think I can get behind)

- drill into it until I can get it loose (I’ll need to buy or rent an iron drill)

I think the last one is my safest bet since I expect I won’t need a lot of experience with this, but it’ll still mean biking half an hour to a place to pick up the goddamn thing, go back, fix this, bike another half hour to bring it back. And I won’t have even started on my bed yet! I’ll just sit here and wait until I can get started.


Update: Housemate woke up and was all ‘why don’t we just try to break it? saves money and time’ and turns out, two women can easily break a nut&bolt combo. Because we’re badass.


Update 2 : Putting together a bed by yourself (or 1.2) no problem. Putting together a closet by yourself? Big problem. RIP Hemnes closet. Our love was true. But you did almost try to crush me to death so I’m over it now.

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