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Oh you sweet, Summer's child

Had a conversation with someone on Facebook who insisted that the Brexit will probably lead to Irish Unification. The person in question is a friend of a friend, so I am not sure how old they are, but I get the impression that they are not old enough to remember the Irish troubles. They are also originally Portuguese (but living in Canada) so if they are old enough, maybe the Troubles didn’t get a lot of play in Portugal?

Anyways, here it is: I am purple.


Am I wrong? I haven’t followed Northern Ireland extremely closely for the past few years, but from what I have heard, even as society has become increasingly secular, the animosity between the two groups is shifting from being based around religion to being based around bloody sports teams, supported along sectarian lines.

There also seems to be this weird attitude from some people especially from North America that, I am seeing that now that big, bad England is in trouble, with Scotland possibly leaving, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland (and maybe Wales and Cornwall) will have this great Renaissance with unity, peace, love and puppies for all, ignoring the very real differences between people.


Reminds me of a Russian friend who was posting stuff about how Europe was trying to drive a wedge between Russia and countries that have been long time friends of Russia like Ukraine and Poland. I was like “You really have no idea what Poles actually think of Russians, do you?” (Russia was involved in partitioning Poland into non-existence in the 19th Century, and then made a pact to split Poland with Germany in the 1930's never mind the way the Red Army behaved in Poland on their way to Germany at the end of World War Two, and everything that happened after the Iron Curtain fell). My husvand’s Polish grandmother used to say “It’s Ok to be around a Russian, as long as you have a gun.”

She was in Auschwitz when the Red Army liberated it, too.

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