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And the off-stage equivalent of stage fright. Pardon me while I freak out a bit.

Yeah, so I'm doing a big public-facing project solo for the first time starting an hour from now. My boss is out of the country. He says he's a control freak and there's no way he'd let me near it if he weren't completely confident in my abilities, and that I already have more expertise than most of the people with all the credentials I'm working towards getting. I know this is true (the control freak bit, at least). He's also a bit of a sadist and enjoys throwing me in at the deep end and watching me figure out how to keep my head above water. (He's compared our working relationship to the Holmes/Watson dynamic in Elementary.)


(Also, I'm getting on a train to present a paper in a few days and I haven't written the bloody thing yet. That one's all on me, but why do I do this to myself? Like I needed extra stress at the moment?)


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