I know this might be a bit of a "diamond shoes are too tight" situation given that at least I'm living somewhere where there is free healthcare (even though the Tories seem to be trying to dismantle it brick by brick) but sometimes the NHS does make me cross. And waiting lists can do one.

My grandmother, who is nervous about hospital visits at the best of times, was scheduled for a mastectomy tomorrow. She (and the rest of our family) had just about psyched herself up for it... and has just been told today it's been postponed. She should have a new date tomorrow morning.

I know that priority has to go for those whose operations are more urgent, and I guess there's some comfort to be taken in the fact that they're not rushing her into surgery (she was given the initial date 2 weeks ago) but still. still. I think for her, there's been a countdown until tomorrow for the past fortnight, and for them to suddenly say about 24 hours before she was due to go in that it's being rescheduled can't be easy. Poor granny :(

On the plus side, this does mean she won't be in hospital for Mothering Sunday, which was a bit of a downer for the whole family.