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Ohhh dear....

I seem to have had too much wine with dinner. I know this, because while dining with my parents, I kept pausing the evening news to spout off about Syrian refugees, Daesh, and hypocritical “Christian” governors. I made some good points—most of which could be followed. Apparently I’ve been sitting on some thoughts, and they all came out at dinner. So now I’ve booted up my crummy old laptop (new one comes tomorrow!!!) and I just need to talk about some shit. So Lookout!

The hypocrisy of these self-proclaimed Christian men who govern some of these United States is fucking FLABBERGHASTING. I just want to say to them (though I’d probably end up shouting it), “You claim to be Christian, yet where is your faith in Him to protect you and your people? 784,000 people have been relocated. 3 of them were terrorists. Where is your faith in those odds? Why don’t you see this as a chance to witness your Christianity to these people? Where is your desire to lead by example? Where is YOUR grace?? Rather than seeing these people as enemies, why are you not seeing them as people to commune with? To teach? By excluding them, you are turning away these Angry Young Men, who will have NO CHOICE but to turn to Daesh, who want them to be angry, and want to use them to destroy Western Civilization. You are creating Have Nots who will take down those they see as Haves. How can you not see this? WHERE IS YOUR FAITH, MOTHERFUCKERS????!!?”


I have very few moments in my life when I feel like a genius, but the clarity with which I see this makes me feel like this is one of those moments. And I feel like I’m screaming at a whale, who might be able to hear me, but is so large and disinterested in my tiny voice, that it pays me no mind and continues on its way, indifferent.

My mother finished her dinner and left the room. My father wanted to talk a bit more about it. My drunkass just kept talking. He kept agreeing, but I realized that I had strong opinions on this. So I would like to say Thank YOU, GT, for existing, so I can show up here and shout into the void, rather than make a regrettable post on Facebook, that I’d then have to monitor and fight and whatnot.


Now I can finish my wine and continue watching last night’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I hear she Gives Good Parent.

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