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Ohhh Michaels... This is neither cute, nor crafty :(

Went shopping for goodies to cheer a friend up and ran into these at our local Michaels... kinda ruined the day for me... luckily, there's candy corn!!!

Oh, but there's more!

You can make your own headress like the cute turtle! And if that's not enough..


You can do it in velvet!!! Argh! Ironically, this store is not that far away from a Native American Boarding school and a university with a strong NA department. I wonder if Adrienne K at Native Appropriations knows about this... I'm gonna go scarf down some candy corn now :(

ETAsk: if trolls come to this post, i can enlist help? i'm kinda busy right now with grad school and shtuff and this kinda thing tends to attract them for some reason...

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