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If you live in the Toledo area, I'm sure you're well aware of the water emergency (and hopefully aware of where to get water in the meantime? My link has locations if you're not), but something I read in the most recent update makes me a bit confused.

Governor John Kasich has declared a State Of Emergency for all areas of Ohio supplied with water from the City of Toledo facilities. Mayor D. Michael Collins reports no illnesses connected with this water emergency as of his 11:30am press conference. Test results are expected from Cincinnati and Columbus around 7pm this evening, at which time additional notices will be issued.

Since Columbus and Cinci are really not at all close to Toledo, am I right in assuming they're not worried about the algal bloom down there? Are they testing in order to send the water north? I can't find more information on this (though am not super worried, because if the concern was about unsafe water in other cities, they'd have said to stop drinking it while it was tested or something? Right?), as anything that mentions the other cities is that exact quote.


The link below has information on where to get water right now.

ETA they are testing Toledo water in Columbus and Cincinnati.

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