So I got two pairs of shoes recently for, what I would consider for myself, a steal. WHO DOESN'T LOVE NEW SHOES? LET'S REJOICE OVER SHOES. These two aren't very practical, but they're both hella comfy. I modeled (hah) these in my run-down but super comfy leggings, so don't mind them.

I got these from T.J. Maxx for $20 on sale. They're glittery, but I like the beige-tan accents. Also, apparently I had a stray hair stuck to my foot while taking this picture. HAH.

I got these ones for $20 from Urban Outfitters, also on a nice sale, and I thought I wouldn't like them. But then I tried them on in the store, and it looked awesome with a dress I bought.


Did you buy any new shoes recently? Show them to us!