Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

ohmygod, i can finally post...

... and i really have very little to say! (except a quick thank you to the lovely person who sent the canning jar lids the other day! thank you!) *warning* inanity ahead

you've been warned...

ok, then.

so, it's 1:44am. i just finished watching the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. i've never managed to watch the whole first half all the way through before. it's pretty cool. we're going to watch the other half tomorrow, hopefully.


my best friend is awesome for putting up with me and my circus for 5 days. the next time i have gas in my car, i'm so going down by myself for a day or 2, though. we never had any real time for girl talk because we were surrounded by guys and children the whole time. this makes me sad. we did have some epic games of Scene It!, which was great.

doing arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution in competition with your 15 year is bound to end poorly. especially while wearing huge, heavy, wedge-heeled boots. it was 3 days ago, and my legs still feel like they're going to fall off. also, my 9 year old kicked everybody's ass at bowling. (we pooled our resources, aka christmas money, and took the whole gang to the bowling alley NYE, and then let them play in the attached arcade for a bit. it was incredibly fun, and i wish it wasn't so damn expensive, because we'd do it more often!)


i think i may have broken my pinkie finger on my right hand again. it hurt quite a bit all day, but it wasn't until i started typing this that i realized it has a tendency to bend the wrong direction when pressed on. i think i'm going to go tape it to the next one before i lay down and watch Chopped. dammit. this sucks.

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