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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Y'all. I just bought a dress online. I just spent $70 for a dress. I have NEVER spent that much money on an item of clothing before.

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I am seriously sitting here thinking that I am not pretty enough to spend as much money as I have spent on myself in the last few days. I got a hat to go with my coat, and a scarf, and some shoes and some trouser socks and tights and now a dress. Crap, that looks like a LOT when I see it all together. I mean, right now it's in budget to spend a little extra, but I'll get my last paycheck from my current long-term subbing gig at the end of January and I won't be able to spend any extra money on anything when that runs out. I should really be putting money aside, not spending it on myself. Dammit. I guess I can return it?

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