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OI HAI. The Electric Lady Debuts Tomorrow

And so, I thought you might like to see this. It's the BTS treatment for the Dance Apocalyptic video, and it's AWESOME. The way she has managed to build this entire mythology around her music and develop it through her entire discography is INSANE to me. She manages to combine great music, conceptual art AND social consciousness all in one, and I cannot DEAL WITH HOW AMAZING SHE IS.

Also this website from the linked article on the front page. It has promotional videos from the Ministry of Androids advertising for the capture of Cindi Mayweather. In case you didn't know, Cindi is the name of the protagonist in the Metropolis Suite, and 57821 (the name of the website) is her serial number. TvTropes has a pretty decent breakdown of her mythology.


That's it. That's all I wanted to say.

I love her.

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