Has anyone tried the oil cleansing method? Do you have any experience to share? My face is having the worst month in human history. I don't know what it is. Weather? It doesn't get all that cold here...

I usually only get a few significant blemishes (other than whiteheads and minor stuff), and just am a little oily in the T-Zone. My regimen is scrub/facewash+toner+moisturizer. Usually works like a charm. So anyway, not working like a charm and I am interested in trying something really new.

Do you have some other secret voodoo? Because my skin is not THAT difficult, I often run into the problem where all the advice is a bit too extreme. I wouldn't call my skin sensitive, but it dries out easily - even with heavy moisturizing. So I try to be gentle.

Halp meeehhhh!

Bonus points if it's cheap and diy!