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OITNB Season 4 Discussion

Come here and talk about your feelings and thoughts on season 4. Spoilers will be in abundance, obviously.

I thought the plotlines were really good this year and they all built together to explode at the end. I loved Poussey, but seeing the near-riot at the end of season, I understand that she had to be the one to die because she was wonderful and everyone loved her. And Baxter had to be the one to kill her because he was ‘the good guard’.


Sophia’s story was extremely difficult to watch. I stopped watching after Nikki discovered the blood in her cell because I didn’t know what was going to happen and I was terrified.

I actually sympathized with Healey this year, which is a first. Piper is still an oblivious asshole and I’m so glad the panty business is dead.

What are your thoughts?

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