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I kinda think I would've heard something from at least one of the jobs by now (Friday, earlier in the time frame - which is when offers are made, but not THAT early) and I'm giving up hope on that one. The other one isn't looking that great either. I had thought to myself if not today or yesterday I was a bit sunk.

It does not help that my SO was just, for all intents and purposes, demoted at his job and feels totally demoralized too. He's annoyed I feel this way right now because I just "haven't heard," but on Monday they said "the next week or so," which sounds awfully like they'd have gotten back to me around now.


I really, really need to go home right now, but of course one of these assholes would snitch on me. God forbid we underpaid public servants leave work early on a Friday so I can make a screwdriver, get in bed and watch something on Netflix until the worst part is over.

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