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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ok, A Few Things

A few questions. When is Sherlock on and which channel? I couldn't find it last night-if it matters, it's PST here. Also, I have a douche canoe professor, and I'm getting combative. Details below.

Venting and in need of some talking down. I have, literally, the worst, most self-absorbed, fuck wit professor ever. He doesn't let us talk. Because he's too important. Paraphrasing from his first words, "I don't want you raising your hands." WTF? How can we challenge you if you don't want us to talk? He's making us keep social media accounts that I'm not totally comfortable with. I had to restrain myself from using snark and swears in a paper (and how much bullshit it all is). If he wants his opinions challenged, he done messed with the wrong bitch. When I encounter people like this, I get pissed. When I get pissed, I fight back. At this point I don't give a fuck, but I do want to show him I'm smart and a force to be reckoned with. But I guess I need to suck up. I hate the system.

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Fuck the system. Also I miss Sid.

Also, I need to get into Sherlock. I'm not so sure I'll like it, but I want to get hip. I like mysteries, but does it focus a lot on interpersonal shit? I only like that when Real Housewives are at each others throats. And I don't know when it's on and if it's PBS or BBC. I'm usually watching CNN, Mob Wives, and Real Housewives...

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